SendSMS - a software library for sendin SMS messages

What is this?

SendSMS  is a software library for sending SMS messages. Our purpose is to give the medical software developers and every other guy that needs it a oportunity to send SMS messages from their computers to their patients. The technology targets the current situation in Bulgaria, so we intend to support as much as possible different sending approaches - Internet, GSM networks, etc.
We use .NET tehcnology over Windows or Linux.. There exist already similar libraries written in Java language, but our system should support easy integration with Windows applications, since the existing medical software products on Bulgarian market are Windows oriented. Source code of te library is published under GPL license to make the product public and easy to develop and integrate. We are far from the thought, we can make something perfect, so we took care to give every enthusiast a chance to give his contribution to improve our product. On the other side this is noncommercial product, created to be socially useful, so we would like all staff based on it to be freely available.
The initial version includes only sending simple text messages. Multimedia messages support may be added later. We created a simple provider using email2sms service of MTel company that ships with the library.


Download the system along with the source code and all documentation.


You can contact the only (for now  :-)) developer - Zlatko Kostadinov. We accept all kinds of comment.


Special thanks to staff for providing us Internet space.